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  Improving Safety and Efficiency in Industry since 1982


About MPS
For 30 years, MPS has been providing products and service to promote safety and efficiency in industry.  All of our equipment is of the highest quality, backed by dependable service and specially trained personnel.  Truly reliable boiler flame monitoring for Power Generation.  Full Head Protection, including eye, ear, and respiratory protection in a single helmet.  Industrial Fire Detection Systems, which respond instantly to sparks or flame.  Lightweight, quiet industrial vibrators; small enough to gently convey vials, strong enough to shake concrete forms and unload railcars. 
With innovative equipment and personal attention, we make industry safer and more efficient.


Our Mission
MPS Inc. provides industries with reliable and cost-effective solutions by working closely with our clients in building a positive, long-term relationships.

All of us at MPS treat clients as we would like to be treated.  

We provide prompt and courteous answers, information on new and relevant technologies, accompanied by competent advice to increase safety and efficiency on the client's facility.

We continue to develop and subscribe to the philosophy that it in in our best interest to look after the client's best interest.  

We advise our clients in the selection of the best ideas, not only for  their known problems, but in any area where we can improve their process.

We offer the most cost effective application of expertise, not based on a single supplier's product, but on the client's overall requirements to increase safety, productivity, and return on their investment with us.

Performing as advocates for our clients, it is our number 1 responsibility to understand and balance all of their issues before selecting any solution or product.

How we started
In 1982, MPS Inc. was developed as an exclusive distributorship for a major manufacturer of equipment for the process industry.  With the philosophy of supplying high-quality service with high-quality product, we quickly became much more than a simple distributor.  We became a provider of efficient and cost-effective solutions to often complex problems.

Over the last 30 years, we've expanded our resources to better assist our clients, and have acquired a wealth of experience, while developing closer relationships with our manufacturers.

Although we've grown in the marketplace, MPS continues to provide the close attention required of each client.  And we have retained the same philosophy:  to provide the best particular solution to each specific problem, always at the best value.

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