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With an unfortunate history of being unreliable and requiring high maintenance, many hours of power production have been lost due to inaccurate boiler flame scanner readings.  Even worse is the danger that flameout warnings may be overlooked because the accuracy of the scanner is unreliable.  In some plants, what is considered state-of-the-art must be “tweaked” just to reach a level of acceptance, which is often far from ideal.  In the meantime, instrumentation specialists spend hours replacing fiber optic cables, and repairing and tediously recalibrating flame scanners.  This does not have to be.
High-temp sensor (16283)with heat shield on Cyclone boiler.

Since 1987, Talentum Flame Sensors have been successfully applied to power plant boilers in the United States.  This is a flame sensing system that is so dependable, they can be found in use after 15 years of service.  A system recognized as being so reliable that, in can be confidently tied into the boiler trip logic.  

A simple 2-wire current loop transmits a 4-20 milliamp signal to existing boiler management systems.  Utilizing your current equipment, a graphical display of flame quality is displayed.  
Because the photocell monitors the flicker rate in the visual light spectrum, the sensor ignores "hotspots" and is unaffected by dust and condensation. 


Loss of flame in a boiler can have catastrophic results.  If fuel continues to pour into a a hot furnace, re-ignition can be explosive.  Reliable enough to be tied to the trip logic, our system can prevent such damage.

No complicated calibration.  No fiber optics.  Two cores of existing wire are all that is required to operate the 16786.

Stable combustion ensures that fuel burns most efficiently.  With increasingly strict regulations flame stability becomes a greater concern.   

By constantly monitoring flame quality, stable combustion is reached more quickly, allowing for earlier reduction of oil or gas support fuel.

Most boilers have a preferred load or output.  Unfortunately, it's not always easy to operate at this level.  The ability to view the quality of flame allows for better monitoring of stable combustion at low load levels.

Flame Monitoring has never been so easy.  In fact, you might forget that you have sensors, and just come to depend on a reliable, constant display of flame quality.
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Integrated LCD (LED on High-Temp Sensors) for quick reference and easy setup.

 Our Flame Sensor Test Unit allows for simple, accurate testing of most flame sensors and scanners: UV, IR, UV/IR, IR2, and flicker.  Hi-tech, powered tester allows for onsite testing with ease.
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