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The use of mechanical flow-aids is often necessary to maintain the flow of material in bins, hoppers, and silos.  Because every application is unique, and because different materials respond differently to certain equipment, we utilize a range of flow-aids to specifically address flow problems.

Industrial Vibrators - The most common and economical method of dealing with flow problems is with applied vibration.  Although a variety of types and styles of industrial vibrators are available, the theory is the same:  a mechanical device is rigidly affixed to the container, to shake or vibrate the container wall.
Pneumatic and electrically powered units are not limited to use on containers, and are commonly used as screen and feeder drives, and on
concrete forms.  

Air Cannons - For larger silos and certain types of material, air cannons offer a better way to maintain material flow.  Powerful, interval blasts of air are directed to stimulate material.  Systems of multiple cannons are application engineered to solve your particular requirements.

Bin-butler - The newest advance in promoting material flow is rugged in construction, but gentle on containers.  Steel "heads" are mounted in series.  Pulses of air slice between material and the container wall.  Material falls, and a clean surface is maintained.  Designed for use on the most stubborn materials. Systems are application engineered.  

If you are not sure what you need, that's okay.  Use our Flow-aid Selection Service, and our trained technicians can make recommendations on the best way to address your specific requirements.

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