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Hard Hats

The most common hard hats used today were designed before the moon landing.  A lot has changed since then.  Our hard hats are designed for comfort and safety, with 6-point height-adjustable suspensions, Twist2Fit Ratchet headbands, Dry-Tech sweatbands, and well-balanced fits.

lightweight, comfortable
hard hat
modern, modular

Vision Plus
hard hat with integrated,
retractable visor
hard hat with integrated,
retractable glasses

hard hat for use in
extreme environments
hard hat that's low in cost,
not in features

Baseball Bump Caps

We offer three comfortable, attractive Baseball Bump Caps for protection against bumps, scrapes, and lacerations.  They're ideal for use in areas where hard hats are not required, but some light-duty protection is needed.  Although there is no ANSI standard for bump caps, all of our Baseball Bump Caps are tested to the EN812 European standard.

breathable, lightweight
baseball bump cap
ventilated, comfortable
baseball bump cap

simple, quality
baseball bump cap


For a range of respiratory requirements, we offer the compact, comfortable P100 Elipse Respirator, along with the comfortable, economical Magnum powered respirator.

compact, comfortable
P100 respirator
comfortable, economical
PAPR powered respirator

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