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Bramall Laser Systems have been in use throughout the world for over 20 years, streamlining applications as small as drainage sewers up to the massive, multi-national Channel Tunnel project, where Bramall Lasers guided the driveage toward Europe. The self-contained, battery operated Mk7 laser puts industry leading mining and tunneling accuracy at your fingertips in a portable, easy to use device.

Our rugged Mk7 laser stands up to harsh daily use in a mining environment because thatís what it was designed to do. Tested as intrinsically safe by MSHA and enclosed in an incredibly sturdy stainless steel package, our Mk7 laser will serve you for years without any regular maintenance outside of changing batteries. Mounting is as simple as hanging the laser by its integral stainless steel hooks on a cord between two roof spads.

For longer range when an intrinsically safe laser is not required, we offer our Mk7L Long Range laser. Used with our High Precision XY Mount, the aluminum bodied
Mk7L  offers an accurate, continuous heading for up to 1400í. Power is supplied by a separate 12VDC source, battery or line supplied.

Not all driveages are straight. For these situations, we offer our Precision Beam Deflectors, a pair of high quality matched optical prisms used to accurately redirect a beam up to 15 degrees. The orientation of the prisms allows the deflected beam to be set to a specific chord for a curve in a tunnel, saving time.

While the included spad hooks on our Mk7 laser provide suitable accuracy for most applications, our XY Mount offers greater precision with coarse and fine adjustment.  Available with a 20mm pin for use with a tribrach or our fixing plate, or with a threaded 20mm rod for mounting to arch supports and other user-fabricated brackets.  Also recommended for all projects using our Mk7L Long Range laser, which does not include spad hooks.


Standard Mk7

Mk7L for Long Range

The Mk7 Laser assures extremely straight mining and increases efficiency of the section crew, eliminating the necessity of running up sites.  Powered by standard C cell batteries, it offers excellent straight line reference for:

Longwalls - improve head and tailgate alignment
Continuous Miners - provides constant reference
Conveyors - for accurate installations

Precision Beam Deflector

XY Mount

for tunneling work include
Precision Beam Deflector for curved tunnels
Grade Indicator
Fan Lens for changing the beam into a line

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