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  While hearing protection in the workplace is necessary, it can also lead to a feeling of isolation. The same hearing protection that shelters workers from noisy equipment, also prevents them from communicating, and hearing important instructions or warnings. While protecting hearing from damaging noise, most hearing protection eliminates the possibility of normal conversation, making it hard to realize other personnel are trying to communicate, or are even in the area.

PRO EARS represent a truly revolutionary advance in hearing protection.  DLSC technology keeps harmful noise levels within 70dB, while sounds below 70dB are amplified up to 8x. So, every sound is heard, even at great distances.

MULTIPLE STYLES, including padded headband, standard hard hat, and for hard hats without mounting slots.

CLEAR, NATURAL SOUND from both sides, for truly directional sound detection.

ADJUSTABLE VOLUME on each earpiece, to suit specific environments and circumstances.

Providing the best hearing protection shouldn't be a luxury, it should be standard practice.  Depend on the remarkable Pro Ears system to make workers safer, happier, and more productive.

*ISO 9001 Certified
MSHA Certified #2G-4108-0
ANSI/UL-913 Certified

Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC) blocks out noise above 70dB, while amplifying sounds below 70dB.

200 Hour minimum battery life, from easily found 15V batteries.

Communication Inputs
optionally available.

Pro Ears
integrated into our MAX respiratory helmet.  Click here to learn more.

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