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Unloading Railcars is definitely hard work, but it can also be dangerous, and costly.  Unsupported backs are too often strained by lifting heavy vibrators and prying stuck gates.
We can help you reduce back injuries, lower the noise level, and contain material while unloading.  Our equipment is designed to save time and money when unloading or loading railcars and trucks.  


At under 35lbs. and operating at under regulated levels, our hi-tech "Rail-Rocker" series represents an important factor in safe railcar unloading or loading.  Providing surprisingly strong force, with high frequency, these units are effective on a wide range of materials.  Because of an efficient design, little air is consumed.  Our GT-RR railcar vibrator does not require lubrication.  

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Some materials will only respond to extremely high force, so we offer the extra heavy-duty CR-RR railcar vibrator.  The CR-RR dual-roller units generate high amplitude and deliver massive force to move the toughest materials.

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It is often accepted that material is lost in railcar unloading, but it doesn't have to be.  Stop losing material when you unload, and reduce clean-up, by sealing between your car and your under-track unloading system.  Our heavy-duty boot connector helps reduce clean-up and prevent wind-blown fines.

Injuries incurred from railcar unloading can account for substantial health and compensation costs, in addition to the well being of workers.  
Stubborn gates strain backs, and noisy equipment can inflict hearing damage on unprotected workers.  Wind blown product can lead to eye injury and pollution.
We offer our railcar equipment as a safer and cleaner way to unload materials.  

Certain materials respond better to certain types of vibration.  Our technicians are trained to assist you in choosing the best railcar vibrator for your application.
Are you loading railcars?  Many materials can be compacted in railcars and trucks to allow for more volume per container.

GT-TR Truck vibrator -  clamp-on bracket fits open top truck hopper mount.  At 15lbs, it is a lightweight, quieter alternative to piston or roller type truck vibrators.  more info >




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