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The S22 High-Temperature hard hat offers protection in areas with high ambient heat.  Constructed of an advanced fiberglass material, which offers high impact-resistance and light weight, the S22 offers safety and comfort in high-temperature environments.  

S22 Hi-Temp shown with Gold Polycarbonate Face Screen and Carrier, with Aluminized Neck Cape 

The high-quality, 6-point cradle and headband ensure that the helmet and optional accessories remain stable and secure, while providing maximum comfort and protection.  

Whether in foundries, steel mills, or other industries where workers are exposed to high temperatures, ensure their safety with the proper head and face protection.


Manufactured in the UK.
Meets ANSI standard Z89.1-2003 Class G.

The Three Rib helmet design of the S22 hard hat is a trademark of E.D. Bullard Company used under license when sold or used in the U.S.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Rating: 
900F (shell)
Material: GRP (Fiberglass)
Weight:  less than 14oz (500g)
6-point terylene
Absorbent Headband

Aluminized Neck Cape
Ear Defenders
Face Screens and Carriers:
-Polycarbonate (to 300F)
-Triacetate (to 480F)

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