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VISION and VISION PLUS hard hats represent a revolutionary design in safety.  Integrated, retractable visors offer full side shielding that won't interfere with eyeglasses.  With optional Ear Defenders, workers are always comfortable and protected. With VISION and VISION PLUS, you'll never have to worry about losing your eye protection again.  

Lightweight, durable ABS shells feature extended neck protection, shorter brims for greater upward visibility, and of course, comfortable fits.

Visors utilize unique, patented retractor mechanisms, allowing for full retraction inside shells.  There are no nose moldings to restrict visibility.  The visors are easily replaced without tools.

Optional quick-retract Ear Defender hearing protection offer increased safety..  

Designed for optimal comfort, the VISION and VISION PLUS utilize six-point harnesses and fitted Hydro-Flock sweatbands.  


Technical Specifications
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Weight: starting at 16.6oz
4-Point Adjustable Suspension

6-point Terylene
Sweatband: Premium Absorbent Hydro-Flock 
Pliable Polyethylene with Standard or Twist 2 Fit Ratchet Adjustment

Accessories include Ear Defender Hearing Protection, tinted visor, 2-point chinstrap, High-Intensity Reflective Stickers, LED Lamp, and clear and tinted visors.
High-quality printing of company logos is available.

White, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, High-Visibility Yellow, High-Visibility Orange
Vision Plus:  White, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Black, Grey, Yellow, Orange, High-Visibility Yellow, High-Visibility Orange

Fully retractable visor disappears when you don't need it.


Full wrap-around eye protection does not interfere with eyeglasses.


Optional Ear Defender hearing protection 







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The original VISION features a built-in, retractable clear visor or optional tinted visor.  It meets the ANSI Z87 standard for eye protection.   



VISION PLUS features a more robust molded visor for increased coverage, clarity, and strength.  It meets the ANSI Z87+ standard for high impact eye protection. 


A standard 6-Point Terylene Cradle offers uniformly distributed support, while the Centurion Hydro-Flock highly absorbent headband helps keep you dry. 


Both the Vision and Vision Plus are available with optional ratchet headband, for quick and easy size adjustments.

Note:  the Z87+ Vision Plus visor is fully compatible with the original Vision hard hat. 

Manufactured in the UK.

Vision meets ANSI standards for head protection (Z89.1-2009 Class E-20,000V) and eye protection (Z87.1-2010).
Vision Plus meets ANSI standards for head protection (Z89.1-2009 Class E-20,000V) and eye protection (Z87
.1-2010 Z87+ for high impact).


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